About Expert Witness Search Engine

Our Purpose

Expert Witness Search Engine is an expansive online database of professionals from various fields, who can offer their expert opinions and statements for witness testimonies. With our straightforward and easily used search directory, we help connect these expert witnesses to investigators, process servers, court reporters, consultants and litigation support individuals, to help lawyers find the most credible and reliable professionals to provide credible (expert) witness statements for their cases.

We strive to ease the frustration and lessen the time for lawyers to find their ideal witness, while also promoting our witnesses’ credentials, knowledge and services to those who specifically need their expertise – not only for their benefit, but for the benefit of the legal community as well.

Who Uses Us and Why?

Having an experienced expert witness, especially one who is familiar with legal proceedings, can make or break a case in the eyes of a jury. This is why trial lawyers, insurance professionals, and those seeking expert testimonies use our directory to quickly and accurately find the witness they need to help win their case. Our database is also used by litigation specialists to help find witnesses they have used in previous cases, in order to use them again, as well as easily promote and refer them to fellow lawyers.