Finding the Right Expert Witness for You

Finding an expert witness for your case is only half the battle; making sure that witness is accredited, professional and uniquely knowledgeable in his field of expertise can prove to be a difficult and time consuming fight. This is why it is essential to use a service who can easily connect with a specialized candidate. We can not only help you find your perfect witness but we’ll make it easy for you as well.

As the industry leader in expert witness search and placement, we have well-established relationships with a wide variety of experts spanning thousands of areas of expertise. We make finding and connecting with qualified experts easy and cost-effective.

When you choose us, you’re guaranteed:

Deep Expertise

  • We have an ever-expanding network of experts covering myriad areas of expertise – ensuring that we will find the right expert for your specific needs.

Time and Cost Savings

  • Our expert search process is quick and effective.

Customized Service

  • Our highly specialized case managers have the industry knowledge and relationships to identify the best experts for your review.

Highly Qualified Experts

  • We provide you with access to leading academics, corporate executives and industry subject-matter experts from around the world.

Expansive Network

  • Our network includes more than 100,000 experts – plus more than one million other resumes in proprietary databases.

Cost Effectiveness

  • Our quick, thorough search, uncovers candidates you might not find, with the added benefit of no search fee.

Spend your time preparing your experts, not searching for them. We’ll conduct a quick but thorough search and deliver a roster of top candidates for you to review. There’s no charge for the custom search – you pay only the clearly disclosed hourly rate if you retain one of our experts.