Key Practice Areas

Our directory has expert witnesses from all sorts of specialities, fields and industries, with knowledge ranging from car accident law to workers’ compensation rights. With a few simple clicks, our directory can easily help match your appropriate practice area, with the perfect witness for your case.

Some of the practice areas our witnesses specialize in include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Including expertise in federal truck, commercial bus accidents (like Greyhound), accident reconstruction and more

Pharmaceutical Litigation

Professional credentials and testimonies from doctors and drug development specialists; including experts in testosterone and the bipolar treatment, Medical Malpractice, class action suits

 Commercial Litigation

Including professionals with specific knowledge and expertise pertaining to the rights, and conduct of businesses and individuals engaged in commerce, merchandising, trade, and sales

 Municipal Litigation

Including special knowledge of state by state laws, regulations, guidelines and state’s rights

Workers Compensation / Vet Litigation

Including expertise in wrongful death situations, OSHA regulations and more